On speaking

I get asked to speak at a lot of things, and love to do so. I generally talk about technology, education, culture, startup topics and doing impossible things. I have a very full schedule and am usually over committed so no promises.

My speaking fees are payable as a donation to OMGTech!

Is your speaking lineup already full of stale pale males like me? If so then please use my spot for an inspirational lady. There are more interesting women than dudes about, so I’ll only come along if you have some of them speaking too. A 50/50 ratio would be cool. No offence intended if I say no to hanging with a bunch of dudes!

On being an advisor or board member

I am generally far too busy to pick up new commitments so I would not do a great job of being involved in the regular governance of your initiative. 

If you are looking for ad-hoc advice or just someone to talk to about hard things and how tough it is doing anything different, then I may be able to help. But again, no promises.

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A top google search is on my net worth. For some reason people think this is important.